Ecotools Bamboo Nail Brush

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Small Wonder Change dull, boring manicures into magnificent works of art in no time. An economical little brush that does a great job on nails. The ecoTools bamboo-derived Nail Brush is a super soft brush made of sustainable bamboo-derived. Cruelty-free bristles help clean under nails. The ecoTools bamboo-derived Nail Brush is and recyclable. It smoothens out rough nail edges and shapes both fingernails and toenails. This brush does a good job of preparing your nails for a pedicure and manicure. • Two levels of coarseness • Made with a highly sustainable bamboo-derived handle • Cruelty free bristles help clean under nails Use ecoTools bamboo-derived Nail Brush to remove dirt and unwanted grit underneath your nails. A Closer Look: With ecoTools bamboo-derived Nail Brush, create gorgeous, detailed designs on nails. ecoTools bamboo-derived Nail Brush prepares your nails for pedicure and manicure