Stem Cell Therapy W/ Derm Src By Biologic Solutions (Single 1 Oz Jar)

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Stem Cell Therapy with Derm SRC

Stem Cell Therapy actually stimulates your ۬own skin's stem cells to grow smooth, supple new skin - just like it did when you were young.Only Stem Cell Therapy rejuvenates your skin with these three powerful, clinically tested ingredients: Mitostime, Phyko-Al-PF and Derm SRC. They work together to reverse the visible signs of aging as they.Increase production of new skin cells within 2 weeks.Increase the area of new skin growth within 30 days.Visibly decrease wrinkle appearance in ۬30 days.Increase natural collagen production within 15 days.Increase elastin synthesis.Test results show that with regular use, you will look years younger! There is no other anti-aging formula which can give you this precise formulation of clinically-tested, age-defying ingredients.See Amazing Results For Yourself - with No Make-up,۬No Fillers, No Cover-Ups, No Injections!Looking years younger is not in a scalpel or in a syringe - it's within YOU! Emerging science suggests you can actually stimulate your own skin's stem cells to grow smooth, supple new skin - just like it did when you were young.For the first twenty years or so of your life, your skin stem cells worked like mad to stimulate production of new cells as your skin cells naturally grew old and died off. This kept your skin fresh, soft, radiant and young.But then, around the age of 30, your skin's stem cells began to shut down - not all at once, but gradually. Over time, they weren't making enough new skin cells to replace the old ones. Lines and wrinkles began to form. Your skin became duller, thinned and lost elasticity. You began to look older.Now you can help erase the appearance of wrinkles with fresh, new skin cells thanks to the scientific breakthrough ingredients in Stem Cell Therapy