Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Umenzi Tribesmen

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BG: Umenzi Tribesmen Reinf.Your Move GamesMagic spells and giant war elephants are yours to command with the Umenzi Tribesmen. The Umenzi people are devout followers of an ancient religion,inspiring their warriors with bravery and empowering their shamans and high priests with powerful spells. Each Battleground army comes in two different decks.Army Starters contain eighteen unit cards, a thirtycard Command Deck and two quickstart reference cards, plus the basic rules. This gives you all the cards you need to get started in play terms, each unit card is the equivalent of a boxed set of miniatures. Army Reinforcement decks each contain fifty unit cards enough for almost any army you can imagine and the advanced rules. Reinforcement decks also include twounit types not available in that army's Starter.