Bg: Dwarves Of Runegard Starter Deck 012

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BG: Dwarves of Runegard Starter DeckYour Move GamesBattleground: Fantasy Warfare has established itself as a revolution in tabletop wargaming, earning accolades from players and critics alike. The Dwarves of Runegard is the fifth army for the Battleground world. Strong and hardy, the dwarves enhance their natural combat prowess with magic derived from sacred runes. Cavalry support from their Antonian allies and ballista firepower provide a broad range of battle strategies for this deadly new army. As with all Battleground factions, the Dwarves of Runegard are sold in Starter decks (which contain everything needed to play) and Reinforcement decks (which expand army options and include two units not found in the Starter). Both decks are nonrandom.