7 Continents Antarctica And The By Evan-Moor

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Develop Geography Literacy While Learning About The Unique Characteristics Of Antarctica! The 7 Continents: Antarctica Helps Students Learn About Antarctica Through Engaging Reading And Writing Activities.Five Geography Units Cover The Following Standards-Based Topics:Section 1: Antarctica In The Worldintroduces Students To The Location Of Antarctica In The World.Antarctica'S Relative Locationantarctica'S Hemispheresantarctica'S Absolute Locationusing A Polar Projection Mapsection 2: Physical Features Of Antarcticaintroduces Students To The Highest, Driest, Coldest, And Iciest Continent On The Planet.Formation Of Antarcticaantarctica'S Harsh Landscapeeast Antarcticawest Antarcticaantarctic Mountainsantarctic Iceantarctica'S Bodies Of Waterantarctica'S Climateclimate Changes In Antarcticasection 3: History Of Explorationstudents Learn About The History Of Antarctica'S Discovery And Exploration.Unknown Southern Landearly Explorationvoyage Of The Belgicathe Heroic Agerace To The South Poleexploration By Airsection 4: Antarctica Todaystudents Learn About The People Who Research, Visit, And Live In Antarctica.Claims To Antarcticaresearch Stationswomen Scientists In Antarcticaantarctic Timesatellite Communicationstourism In Antarcticasection 5: Antarctica'S Wildlifeintroduces Students To The Wildlife Of Antarctica.Antarctica'S Food Webantarctica Krillwandering Albatrosspenguins Of Antarcticawhales Of The Southern Oceanthree Antarctic Fishcolossal Squidcreatures Of The Deep