Aliens Unlimited

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HU: Aliens UnlimitedPalladium Books ISBN: 0916211762224 Pages For Heroes Unlimited& Rifts(R)This giant sourcebook is packed with aliens, mutants, cyborgs, power armor, robots, weapons and superbeings from across the universe. Suitable for contemporary superhero adventures or cosmic adventure.Highlights Include: Newsuperpowers and magic spells. Expanded alien character generation tables. 84 alien player character races and over a hundred aliens and monsters in all. Complete with background descriptions, powers and creation stats. Hightech weapons, robots, power armor and equipment. Secret Organizations, alien bounty hunters, government agencies, and an underground that hidesand protects extraterrestrial visitors. The evil Atorian Empire and other villains. All artwork and designs by Wayne Breaux. Written by Wayne Breaux Jr. and Kevin Siembieda Includes Rifts(R) and Rifts(R) Phase World conversion notes and suggestions throughout.