Beyond The Gates Of Antares: Strike On Kar'A Nine

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Players take control of either Concord or Algoryn troops to fight a series of linked skirmishes that take novice players through the essentials for commanding their forces on Anterean battlefields. Game rules are presented in an easy to follow format that introduce the key game mechanics for Beyond the Games of Antares. Each scenario will introduce a manageable number of rules culminating in a final battle using everything in the box where players will be able to use all they have. Featuring the new plastic Algoryn troops and providing a great value set, the contents offer the core components for players to expand either concord or Alggoryn forces for larger games and ready them for purchasing the full Beyond the Gates of Antares rules or starter set. Contains: 64 page mini rule book 44 page getting started book Pin marker frame Blue templates frame 15 new Algoryn AI troops 10 C3 Concord Troops and Spotter Drones 2 C3D1 Concord Light Support Drones Set of Polyhedral Dice Paper battle mat 2 cut out scenery