Channel Craft Ttj Jumbo Jacks In A Classic Toy Tin

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Product description These neat little 5 x 3.5 inch tin boxes are the perfect packages for your favorite Authentic American Toys.Each box is shrink wrapped but the lid still comes off so the product inside is visible.We include a 20 page handbook with each classic game on the history, rules, and techniques.From the Manufacturer Jumbo Jacks in a Classic Toy Tin This nostalgic tin box set comes with 10 Jumbo Jacks (5 brass plated and 5 nickel plated), 2 Real Rubber Balls and a 20-page handbook with history, game rules and Jacks techniques- remember Onesies and Twosies? What about Crack the Egg and Sweeps or Scrubs??!! Quality Crafted in the USA by Channel Craft.