Gurps Zombies, 4Th Edition

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Zombies have shuffled into mainstream cinema, television, and digital games. They've even crept into the news! And now, thanks to the power of GURPS, they've battered down the walls of horror roleplaying. GURPS Zombies covers a horde of shamblers and infected freaks, from ritually drugged slaves, through flesheating ghouls, to fantasy undead . . . and beyond! Curses, plagues, magic, mad science if it turns people into mindless monsters, it's here. Zombies helps the Game Master design and deploy zombies in any genre, while giving the players the advice they need to tackle the roles of hardboiled survivors. Whether zombies are a oneoff encounter or a worlddestroying apocalypse, GURPS Zombies can bring any campaign back from the dead. A GURPS Fourth Edition supplement with 160 hardbound, blackandwhite pages.