Ontel Products Gopmo2 Deluxe Gopher Pick Up And Reaching Tool Set

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How many times have you thought to yourself "if only I were a foot taller, or my arm was a foot longer?" Perhaps while attempting to get hold of a sock from where it fell between the wall and the dryer, or a slipper from far beneath the bed, or a box of cereal from a high pantry shelf? This handy helper acts like an extension of your arm for reaching up high or picking up down low. Grip and lift in one easy motion, while one finger action causes the Gopher's suction cups to lock onto the object of your desire. Pick up items you don't want to touch, or items that are out of reach, all the while saving your back from all that bending. Much safer than standing on a chair too. Folds in half for easy storage Locking feature for better gripping and trigger-free use Super suction-cup grips flex to grab different sized/shaped objects Lightweight aluminum design Easy, no-strain handling.