Pet Factory Natural Beefhide Braided Dog Chew Sticks 78123 | Handmade, 99% Digestive Assorted Flavored (Beef & Chicken) Rawhide Dog Treats Made from Natural Ingredients for Dogs, Pack of 6

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Reward Your Pet with an All-Natural Dog Treat! Are you looking for a nice chew treat for your dog? Do you want to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! We want everything good for your dog. Our Rawhide chews are thicker and last longer than other chews. Enriched with natural ingredients, we promise you that chewing the Rawhide will be fulfilling for your dog. The beefhides are Made in USA in our pristine facilities. Perfect for your dog, these beef and chicken flavored chew toys are very nutritious and high in fiber and protein, so they can be very healthy for your furry friend, and are very easy to digest. We want to encourage the instinct of your lovable dog to chew and play, at the same time, ensure that they maintain good dental health. This is why this puppy rawhide chew triggers a healthy chewing habit, which will keep your dog’s jaws strong. Long-lasting chewing will give your pet dental benefits too, as it would include less tartar or build-up of plaque, thus keeping the teeth clean. KEY FEATURES: Natural and Healthy Treats for your Dogs Fun Pet Toys and Accessories Safe Ingredients Highly Digestible Chews Delicious Chews your Dog will Love