Real Techniques 101 Triangle Foundation Brush, 2.86 Ounce

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Introducing a new line of luxury makeup brushes designed with sisters sam and nic chapman.The bold metals collection by real techniques pairs unbelievably soft bristles with striking metallic detail. Handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort.Color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application. Gold is equal to base, platinum is equal to eye, rose gold is equal to finish.Real techniques bold metals 101 triangle foundation brush was uniquely designed with 3 different sides for a flawless coverage. Use the cross-hatching technique to blend the product into the skin for full coverage. The 2 angled sides can be used for full coverage under eye, and for blending seamlessly around the nose.The pointed tip is an added bonus for spot coverage
Since the brush has 3 sides you can use 3 colors, and still blend flawlessly. Features: bristles: softer than ever for the most luxe feel to date. White bristles show exactly how much makeup is on the brush before application. Ferrules: premium quality brass ferrules for maximum durability.Handles: the brushes are weighted for perfect in-hand balance, optimal control, and comfort.Unique geometric handles help brushes stay still on your dressing table without rolling away.Handles taper to a diamond tip that easily slides out of pro brush belts.Cuts: refined, hand crafted artistry cuts offer high performance for ultimate application of makeup