Stream Clean Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator Sc 1000 by As Seen On Tv

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The Stream Clean is another innovative product from the makers of Urine Gone
Stream Clean is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover.Stream Clean contains strong cleaners and degreasers to remove stains due to urine, dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, vomit coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and blood.The upside down spray valve allows easy application.Stream Cleans spray concentrates product on spots and stains without heavy overspray.Stream Clean quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning and leaves no residue as well as containing no solvents which might damage carpet backings
Stream Clean contains an odor neutralizer which destroys odors due to urine, vomit and blood through oxidation catalysis, leaving only a pleasant fragrance behind.Just point and stream and your carpets get clean-merely spray and walk away.Ingredients include Water, 2-Butoxy Ethanol, Propane/n-Butane, Isopropyl Alcohol and Nonionic Surfactant.There is no bending and scrubbing-everything relies on the powerful deep clean enzyme action.Each bottle weighs 18 ounces.