The Keeper'S Companion 2: Prohibition, Firearms, Tomes, & Creatures (Call Of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Chaosium

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CoC: Keeper's Companion 2Chaosium Inc.196 pages ISBN 1568821867By Adam Gauntlett, Brian Sammons, Greg Hendriksen, Charles Dietze, Charles Zaglanis, Gordon OlmsteadDean, and friends.New to Call of Cthulhu? A battlescarred veteran of many campaigns? Here are essential backgroundarticles useful to most keepers. "The HistoryBehind Prohibition" A lengthy article bringing antialcohol advocates, law enforcement, gangsters, rumrunners, and consumers into focus. Lots of good stories. "The Keeper's Master List of Callof Cthulhu Scenarios" Lists are alphabetical bythe following topics: scenario era creature / maniacs / great old ones legendary heroes and villains cults / sects / secret societies Mythos tomes fictitious locations and Mythos books from publishers other than Chaosium. "Iron: a Survey of Civilian Small Arms Used in the 1890's, 1920's, and the Present". Practicalities of firearms common malfunctions new skills Handloading and Gunsmithing. Firearms considered are likely to be encountered or thought specially useful by investigators. Insightful discussions of nine specific rifles, five shotguns, ten handguns, a sniper rifle, and the Thompson submachine gun. Hot load damage values for most weapons, along with comparative ratings for noise, maintenance, powder, reloading per round, more, plus standard stats. "Medical Examiner's Report" discusses the unusual corpse recovered by the Essex County Sheriff's Department, as does "Dr. Lippincot's Diary" from another point of view. Also a short article on deep one / human reproduction. Brian Sammon's "Mythos Collector" submits writeups for the Book of Iod, Chronike von Nath, Confessions of the Mad Monk Clinthanus, Letters of Nestar, The Nyhargo Codex, Soul of Chaos, Testament of Carnamago, The Tunneler Below, Visions From Yaddith, Von denen Verdammten, as well as for more than a dozen new spells.And More: "Mythos ex Machina" gathers about forty examples of alien technology from Cthulhu supplements. Gordon OlmsteadDean outlines the odd connections between H. P. Lovecraft and the Satanists HPL never knew, in "LaVey, Satanism, and the Big Squid". Closing articles consider zeppelins in reality and game. Indexed.