Total View 360 Adjustabe Blind Spot Mirror by As Seen On Tv

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To install your Total View Mirror, you need to gently clean both exterior side-view mirrors of you vehicle using the included 'alcohol prep pads' or a cotton ball slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol.Let the mirror surface dry completely.Before installing Total View Mirrors, check to make sure sufficient clearance exists for your vehicle's exterior side-view mirrors to completely fold in once Total View Mirrors are installed.Before removing the paper cover from the 'adhesive backing' of the Total View Mirrors, make sure your vehicle's exterior side-view mirrors are properly positioned.Locate the placement position in the uppermost inside corner of both exterior side-view mirrors of your vehicle while making sure the Total View Mirrors 'adhesive backing' will still have full contact with the mirrors' surface for secure installation.Remove the paper covers from the 'adhesive backing' of each Total View Mirror.Lightly mount one Total View Mirror on each exterior side-view mirror on your vehicle in the pre-determined position.Remove and re-position as necessary.Once properly positioned, apply moderate pressure on each Total View Mirror for approximately 20 seconds to securely attach.Enter your vehicle while it is still safely parked and not running and manually adjust each Total View Mirror to enhance the view of your vehicle's blind spots.It's important to note that if other people are going to be driving this vehicle, they may need to adjust the Total View Mirrors accordingly.Total View Mirrors should always be checked by the driver for optimal view positioning before driving.