Unknown Armies 3 - Book Two: Run by Atlas Games

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On the surface, the world of Unknown Armies looks like our own, but at every turn the player cabal faces hidden cults, crazed revolutionaries, the remnants of discarded beliefs, and the dark promise of a new age. Armed with post-modern magic that relies on strict taboos and dangerous rituals, the PCs must strive to create the world they want, rather than the one they inherited. The cabals struggles are deeply personal but potentially monumental. They might range from advancing fringe interests in local politics to claiming the power of ley lines to triggering global financial crisis. They could seize powerful artifacts, reshape their environment, or walk the sacred path of a cosmic archetype to attain mystic enlightenment. RunThe book for the Game Moderator Presenting the players and their characters with obstacles to their fevered dreams of changing the world Procedures for overseeing character creation and setting collaboration in the first session of play Plenty of background on the world of the occult underground