Urine Gone Refill 48 Oz (One Jug Of 48 Oz Or 2 Bottles Of 24 Oz) by As Seen On Tv

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Urine Gone effectively removes new or old stains and odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture.Urine Gone works just about any washable surface or fabric! Just darken the room and use the Urine Gone "stain detector" black light (sold separately) to show urine messes.Spray Urine Gone on and let it dry.Urine Gone's enzyme action immediately goes to work.Making stains and odors disappear, Urine Gone keeps pets from re-marking their territory.Clean and deodorize with Urine Gone.Urine Gone makes odors go away.Urine Gone isn't only for pet messes! Use Urine Gone in the bathroom too!.