DIY Spa Bath Bomb Donuts Kit

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ALEX Spa DIY Bath Bomb Donuts lets kids create a fun, fizzy and fragranced tub time experience. Mix colors and scents to create a powdery mix that hardens in a donut shaped mold. Top off your creation with soap sprinkles and dunk it in the tub. As your donut dissolves the water turns effervescent and colorful with a clean relaxing aroma. This 11.5x10x2 inch package contains one donut shaped mold, 1.27oz of cornstarch, 1.27oz of Epsom salt, 0.63oz of succinic acid, 2.54oz of baking soda, 0.10oz of three bottles of food coloring, 0.35oz of colored confetti, 0.5oz of glycerin, 0.5oz of chocolate fragrance, six cardboard discs, one measuring spoon and easy instructions. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Imported.