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The innovative G2 CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar System provides the stability of a sway bar on the pavement and the free suspension movement of running without one in the dirt. And, it does all of that with just the simple flick of a switch. The rugged, reliable and state-of the-art system is pneumatically controlled allowing for easy and dependable operation. Transitioning from the highway to the dirt and back has never been easier.A sway bar works by transferring cornering force from one side of the vehicle to the other.

This helps reduce body roll for better handling through the corners. On lifted Jeeps with softer suspensions and higher centers of gravity, running a sway bar should be considered mandatory for proper handling on the pavement. Without one, your Jeep can be a handful in the corners. When engaged, the CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar System acts just like the factory sway bar giving you the confidence to take on twisty terrain.While a sway bar significantly improves handling on the pavement, it hinders performance in the dirt. Sway bars don't allow for full suspension movement and limit articulation.

Disengaging the CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar allows you to use every inch of suspension travel available to take on the toughest obstacles. Even while disengaged, the CORE DRS system still provides some anti-roll stability to keep your Jeep feeling planted on the trail.A unique feature of the Dual Rate Sway Bar System is that it can be easily adjusted for different loads. By moving the mounting points of the end links on the linkage arms, the DRS is three-way adjustable. It can be positioned in a light setting for running with no top or a soft top, a medium setting for a hard top, or a heavy position for a hard top with a roof rack filled with gear or equipped with a roof top tent. This makes the DRS easy to dial in for however you equip your Jeep JK.

No longer do you have to be jealous of Jeep Rubicon owners. With the CORE DRS system, you can now enjoy the same on-the-fly activation of the sway bar. Simply hit a switch to disengage or engage the sway bar whenever it is needed. Pneumatically activated, the DRS operates quickly and reliably eliminating the hassle of sway bar disconnects. It can be plumbed into the same compressor you use for your air lockers or the G2 Mini Air Compressor.Scrapping your knuckles while trying to yank out the cotter pins on your sway bar disconnects isn't fun.

Beating them back into place with a rock like some kind of caveman is just plain silly. The CORE DRS system makes life easy. Just flick a switch and hit the trail or the highway. It allows you to spend more time on the trail and less time being frustrated.Features:JL Dual Rate System SwaybarProvides the stability of a sway bar on the pavement and the free suspension movement of running without one in the dirtCan be easily adjusted for different loadsSold As: Each