Reading Paired Text: Lessons For Common Core Mastery, Grade 6+

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Support your sixth-grade students in close reading discussions of nonfiction and fiction texts with practice that supports Common Core methodology.

Each unit contains two related reading selections that reflect sixth-grade science and social studies topics and are focused around an essential question. For example, How can science affect sports? (essential question) connects "What's Holding You Back?" (a nonfiction article) and "Balance" (a fictional short story).

The activities in each unit help students:
Learn and apply academic vocabulary in context
Participate in oral close reading discussions
Answer comprehension questions
Write to a prompt with the help of a graphic organizer

This resource includes:
Eight robust units that include a unit assessment with discussion of the topic, texts, and essential question, as well as a writing prompt.
Downloadable home“school connection activities and projects to extend learning at home.
Common Core correlations for every unit for easy reference.
Plus, the suggested learning path is easy to scaffold!