Sargent Art Artist Square Pastels, 48/Pack

Sargent Art

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Sargent Art Artist Chalk Pastels feature brilliant pigments and smooth velvety texture. Each square chalk stick measures 2.5" x 0.375". Each set comes packaged in a lift-lid box. Non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D 4236. Each pack includes 48 chalk pastels: (2) White, Cad Yell, Dk Cad Yell, Dk Chrome Yell, Cad Org, Org, Dk Cad Org, Perm Carmine, Alizarin Crimson, Med Purple Pink, Magenta, Fluor Org, Fluor Pink, Fluor Rose, Fluor Green, Perm Green, Olive Green, Phtalo Green, Leaf Green, Dk Phtalo Green, Juniper Green, Lt Cobalt Turq, Terracotta, Burnt Ochre, Sanguine, Pink Carmine, Nougat, Burnt Umber, Violet, Blue Violet, Indanthrene Blue, Helio Turq, Cobalt Turq, Med Phtalo Blue, and Cobalt Blue.